first day of being a translator…work FAST with NO dictionaries!

images[2]Have you ever thought what being a translator is really like? Have you ever thought how one feels during his first day at work? Well, it is not easy that’s for sure!  I am a student majoring in translation and although I thought that doing an internship seems easy, it turned out that complete opposite! Translation requires one to work fast, fast, and “fasttt”! The client does not have time for you to search through Google Translate or other such sites, you must try to translate as quick as possible and be extremely faithful to the original text. Any misplaced work or change in meaning may result in lawsuits filed against you or the client! Personally speaking, I was really clumsy the first day and I fely like I really needed help and someone to guide me or at least to tell me every now and then how many minuted I got to finish the work. For anyone who is willing to major in translation, you must definitely try to remove Google Translate or other electrinic dictionaries from his mind. You must learn to translate without even thinking. Some formal, legal words are found in many legal texts, so memorizing them will make your process of translating a text much easier! Dicitonaries are not as helpful as you think! Try your best dear translators!


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